Moving Mates Offers Free Moves to Disadvantaged Denver Residents

Moving Mates Offers Free Moves to Disadvantaged Denver Residents

Moving Mates’ CEO Devon DiSanza has long believed in giving back to the local community. Having established his company recently in the Denver area, he came up with a plan to help out disadvantaged local residents. Devon has decided that once a month, Moving Mates would offer a free move to a lower income individual.

Devon believes that companies who benefit a lot from a community must eventually give back in some form, rather this is through donating to charity or through volunteering. What he saw in his time from doing moving orders, was that there were many Denver residents that were having difficulties affording their moves. Sometimes, companies were charging individuals high amounts even for very simple moves. Devon always tried to keep his prices reasonable for his clients. However, he saw that some people still needed extra help. Having some extra time in the month, Devon decided it was possible to help one family a month with a free move.

How do people qualify for a free move? On the _ page, disadvantaged residents can fill out an application explaining their situations and their income. Since many requests come in, Moving Mates tries to help those who are most in need. 

As the company grows, Devon would like to expand this program further, to maybe doing 2 or 3 free moves per month. Devon says the goal of this program is to be able to help people keep moving forward in their life. Many of those he’s helped have been through eviction, foreclosure, and other issues. Having a free move can help them save some money to make it to the next step, so that they are able to gain the hope for a better future. 

Devon believes that having a company entails a certain responsibility. It isn’t just about profits, but it’s about being a part of the community.

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